Who am I?

I am a technologist, an entrepreneur, a violinist and a family man (in no particular order).

As a result, I have been writing software for almost 20 years, thanks to an act of generosity (a donation of an 8086) when my family migrated to Melbourne (from India).  Last few years I have been mainly involved in a combination of web backed mobile apps.

I started learning Carnatic violin (Indian classical) for the last 10 years almost accidentally and am only kicking myself for not getting into it earlier. Hopefully one day I would be doing a lot more of it.

Loves – My wife, my kids, family and all things technology, entrepreneurship, and Indian classical music.

Gets Annoyed By – Recruiters who think knowing X makes you incapable of doing Y (examples of such X-Y pairs include – C++ and C, iPhone and Android, Django and Ruby, Postgres and MySQl, etc),

Hates – Okra (also known as Bendi or Ladies Finger), Eggplant (Brinjal).

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