Elements of Programming Interviews

This is an index to the problems from THE book being solved in haskell (and counting). Some of the trivial ones will only be attempted on demand!

Chapter 5 – Primitive Types

EPI 5.1: Find the number of bits set in a number (and Parity)

EPI 5.4: Closest integers with the same weight

EPI 5.5 – Generating Power Sets

EPI 5.6 String to Integer inter conversion functions

EPI 5.7 – Generalised conversion between bases

EPI 5.8 – Spreadsheet Column Encoding

EPI 5.9 – Elias encoding and decoding

EPI 5.10 – Greatest Common Divisor

Chapter 6 – Strings and Arrays

EPI 6.1 Dutch Flag Partition

EPI 6.3 – Max Difference

EPI 6.4 – Generalized Max Difference

EPI 6.5 – Subset summing to 0 mod n

EPI 6.6 – Longest contiguous increasing subarray

EPI 6.13 – Rotating an array

EPI 6.15 – Printing a 2D array in spiral order

EPI 6.18 – Run-Length Encoding

EPI 6.19 – Reversing words in a string


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