StartupCampSydney II

Wow that was a doozer!

Last weekend was the StartupCampSydney.  A weekend where about 6-10 teams (each with 6-8 members) build, launch and pitch a Startup in one weekend.  Yep one weekend. To be honest I never thought it would work and when asked to be part of this one, I was trying to come up with an excuse to back out of it (before my wife who I hoped would have asked me not to go, urged me to participate…) …  the urging turned out to be a blessing.. that was one of the most intense, enriching, immersed and enlightening product development excercises Ive been in.

The sheer amount of talent from all backgrounds says it all.. and ofcourse meeting and working with so much talent just makes you do things that you never realised were possible.  Our startup is – a topic/news aggregator. Check it out, we would love your feedback (please forgive us in advance for the bugs).

Check out a full coverage of SCS by Ross Dawson.

Cant wait for the next one.


2 thoughts on “StartupCampSydney II

    • ha ha, mate that doesnt happen very often… which was the reason i jumped at the opportunity… nah, she’s good… have to put in times regularly but worth it 😀

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