End of 2008

And another short one after ages.  Just a summary of what I had been upto.

August – Had my exam for Marketing Management and Stats.  For some reason i find that more I learn in a subject the worse I do in the exams.  I really need to learn to write academically!  (Yes I know it sounds like a looser and that most likely must be it!)

September – 3 weeks in India.  Wow Wow Wow!  Entrepreneurship is just springing up.. (ok the financial climate is not so great but that is really an issue of the system rather than the product/environment)… After “the” valley India is the place to be.  Actually not entirely true.  Even though many wouldnt agree with me, Id say china is still leading in that aspect as people are a lot more risk taking than in India but hey Ive never been to china so it is a very very brave and untested statement.

October – 2 weeks in HongKong for one of my subjects (Private Equity and Venture Capital)..  amazing course.. only sad thing was that I had to go all the way to HK to do a course in entrepreneurship, which was not offered by AGSM in sydney… what does that really say about the apetite for entrepreneurship in australia?  But loved HK – the city and the people… I cant say the same about the food.  See I am a vegetarian and this is something not easily catered.  Also I was a bit dissapointed with the prices.  Not exactly as cheap as I hoped them to be.  Oh well..

November – Had my exam for the PE and VC subject..  confirms my theory about learning being inversely proportional to my mark… well havent got my mark yet but not holding my breath for a great mark… damn 😀

December – Had 2 concerts yesterday for SMC.  Tiring but lots of fun.  One more in Brisbane on the 13th and one possibly in melbourne during christmas.  Have to see.  Both very challenging and testing.  One at a time.

Ciao till later.  Will be updating on a lot of programming stuff Ive been hacking away on.


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