The Greatest Entrepreneurs

The 80s and 90s, saw a huge influx of Indian migrants to Australia (the trend still continues).  Now there is something different about these migrants.  Now what is odd about this class of migrants is most of them were in their mid 30s to mid 40s, with very comfortable lifestyles back home (by which I mean respectable jobs/positions resulting from years of hard work).  Why I think this is odd is that you would not expect people/couples with such low risk lifestyles to risk it all and jump ship to sail to the uncertain shores of a foreign land.

It is pretty easy (or comforting atleast) sitting in your parents’ basement coding or being sponsored to spend summers on startup ideas sponsored by THE man PG himself (an opportunity Id kill for), but leaving all you have with very little promise of great rewards, purely for the sake of your family, is what I consider true entrepreneurship (well children are the ultimate startups anyway).  Costs of failures are very high (hardship for entire family, loosing face, etc).  Rewards are not staggering except that life for one’s family is slightly better.

I would like to thank two such migrants who risked very comfortable jobs for the sake of their two sons.  Myself and my brother.  Mum was a very respected high-school teacher (she was my math teacher – which could explain my interest in maths).  Dad was a successful accountant.  Like others they had left it all for us.  The main reason was reverse-discrimination in the society gripped by the plague of the caste system, existing only to empower already corrupt politicians (redundant adjective). Times were hard for the first two years – time they had spent unemployed, living on government assistance.  But I am glad for those times.  It had instilled in us a passion and respect for hardwork.  Cant complain at all.  No room for becoming spoilt brats.  In fact I wonder if I can ever replicate their own dedication and values on my own kids (one day).  Atleast I know that I dont have to look far in search of role-models!

So thanks mum and dad (hope this combined post suffices for mothers’ and fathers’ days).


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