Google Captcha got my tongue!!


Hate captcha in the google maps.  I can understand how it needs to protect itself against spam, but this is ludicrous.  I was playing with the google maps api writing a simple google maps mashup.  This meant editing my js file and reloading the pages a few times.  Somehow google flagged this as a sequence of spam requests.  So it shows me the dreaded captcha page.  I enter the damn captcha.  You would think a company like google would be smart enough to let you get on with your work.  Oh no, it brings up the captcha page again.  May be I got the captcha wrong originally so I tried again, no luck.  Now onto my 100th try in a row and still no luck.  Google still thinks my requests (from a FF3 browser) are all spam requests.

Is this the sign that gOoGle is finally going the MS way?


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