At work I write games.  No not the cool ones like Xbox or PS3 or Wii, but pokie machines ones.  Enough said.  Anyway, each build of the game takes about 5-10 minutes and each start takes upto 3 minutes.  Needless to say, the bug-fixing and configuration is quite the pain in the posterior.

An obvious realisation was, why not write a server that could listen to commands from “somewhere” and make changes to the game (objects) at run time.  This would mean a build is only necessary on a critical improvent.  And a restart (of the the game) would only be required on a rebuild!  This would be useful for modifying Sprite locations and properties and just about anything which the custom server can get hold off.  Now such a tool did exist.  Unfortunatly it was a custom written http server, which printed out the entire Sprite tree on each request.  Worse still, each request opened a new connection and then closed it.  Did I mention that this server only allowed querying, not modifying or creation of sprites (or other game objects)?

So I embarked on a new probing utility for doing just that.  The server was written in C++ using pthreads for multi-threading.  No big deal.  That is not what I am going to talk about – better people have written and preached about the art of server writing.  Thing that got me tickled was I used this opportunity to learn flash, so I begain writing the gui in flash/flex.  Main reason was that I wanted a web based UI for the client-side.  The experience was amazing.  The API is fantastic and intuitive, the IDE (well painful was having to move from VIM to Flex Builder/Linux on Eclipse due to intellisense).  Conversely without intellisense, the experience is tortuous.

Il talk more about the features in future posts each dealing with a subchallenge in the project.


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