Today marks the release of omnifs. I had started trying omnidrive – a storage drive on the web in mid April. I am still on the free service (which comes with 1Gb of Storage and 5Gb of transfers/month). It is still in beta mind you, but not bad at all. They even have a client for windows and mac. The windows client lets you mount omnidrive as a special folder which can be accessed from windows explorer.

However, for Linux, I had to install a Java client. Now I am not against Java, but wondered why couldnt this just be a mountable drive? So being the fidder (or is it twiddler?) that I am, I thought, “if you cant find it, make it”. I set about making a mountable drive for omnidrive. Luckily I had come across the omnidrive developer API. It is not bad but could really be better by being clearer. The result of this work is omnifs. This is small program that uses the Fuse (Filesystem over User Space) library to mount your omnidrive account as a directory in Linux! By doing so, normal file operations can be performed (eg cp, mv, ls and also developer functionility like fXXX functions in the C library). Please do try it out. Would love to here what you think about it and ofcourse to fix it up more.

The general goal of omnifs is to transition into a “webfs” so that it would eventually support WebDAV and other online storage accounts!


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