Upcoming Concerts

Well. As you all know about my little obsession with the violin. Im accompanying in a couple of concerts.

Lingo: In Indian Classical Music, there are two roles for an instrument.

  • Solo Playing: Actual solo concert and you do your own thing.
  • Accompanying: This is the hard part. You play for someone as they sing (or they may be an instrument doing a solo). The challenge here is that now you have to play in a totally different style and try and at times replicate (as close as possible) what they are doing. Pros do this without even rehearsing!!!

Anyway, I am accompanying Dr Ramanathan. Ive also been learning vocal Indian Classical Music from him for last 3 years so that it would better help me with the violin (follow the logic?). Details are:

Time and Date:
To Be Seated by 5PM, Sunday 1st April 2007 (no kidding)


Bowman Hall,
Campbell St,

Hope to see you all there.


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