STIRR Sydney was hosted again last night (Thu 29/03/2007) at the Ivory Restaurant 620 Harris St, by Tangler, Atlassian, Omnidrive and TVP. This was my first time at this event (well I had been to BarCamp earlier so I knew some of the gang here) and the event stood upto its reputation. Smaller than BC, it was again teeming with loads of entrepreneurs and VCs alike.

As usual, the game HalfBaked was played here. The idea is something like this:

  1. Come up with a whole bunch of words in random: Kabooki, bungy, vodka, lemon, wave, sequins, sheik, water, etc
  2. Split crowd into 5 groups (around 8-12 in people each).
  3. Each group comes with a two-letter word dot com name drawn from the words above (in step 1).
  4. Each team now has 10-15 mins to make a pitch to the VCs out there.

SO the fun begins. Our team came upon the company name KabookiWater like a pack of bums on Sydney’s Liverpool St upon a juicy steak. We had initially thought this was something to do with japanese beer, but soon Michael had pointed out that Kabooki actually stood for Japanese theatre (D’oh). After a bit of hair pulling (lucky for me), we decided it should be User-Generated Interactive Drama – aka Theatre On Tap (TOT).

Kaching!! Folks, this is big money. Imagine a soap, that is actually controlled by what users want on any particular day, instead of the usual Birth-Marriage-Death cycles their writers have to churn out till time immemorial? Audience demands drama, KabookiTheatre gives them crying and moaning. Audience demands sex, instead of crying and moaning, KT gives them, moaning and THEN crying. So possibilities are limitless. I dont want to spoil your fun by revealing all the possibilities to you.

So where is the money coming from? Simple, folks. Product Placement! Users are telling you what they want from the drama, and that should give an indication of what the kind of audience is. So bingo. Google, with your Ad-Sense, eat your corporate hearts out! Not to mention Spin-off markup languages including UGIDML and TOTML for representing and distributed user theatrical preferences. Here come those courses on Tafe’s and those TOTML and UGIDML for Dummies books – Kaching Kaching.

So if any of you out there (especially VCs with lots of money) are interested in the next best/super-duper thing since sliced-bread and Google combined, here it is. Il be waiting. I have nothing better to do :D.


3 thoughts on “KabookiWater

  1. Yep thats great Marty. For you Il give you 20% on an initial round of a measly 2 million (real dollars)…

    Other VCs: Folks, you all know how tight, I mean diligent, Marty is. So this should give you some idea on how big this is going to be.

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