Arranged Marriages

Well, I guess it is time I come out of the closet and admit my selling of the soul to the system of arranged marriages. Yep, Ive succumbed (actually a year ago) to a combination of the cultural carrots and sticks that are so common for us beans who sprout from indian parents.

Sticks (best read in an indian language or in an indian accent) including parents giving you the “oh you are too old to going on enjoying your single life” to “look at your friends (really meaning, their friends’ kids) who are married and giving their parents (ie their ‘friends’) lots of grand kids – why do you want to let us down and be such a bad boy”..

Ofcourse the biggest and the juiciest carrot is really the ending of such sticks delivered on a daily basis. Not to mention getting a decent meal (or six) every day. I was going to add that sex on tap (atleast while it lasts) isnt a bad deal either, but I guess anyone used to the sydney life style wouldnt think thats a great advantage ;).

Dont get me wrong, I am not one of those blokes who lets his wife do all the work for him (seriously, how can you live with such a shameless view). I am simply facilitating a conducive environment for said class of partners (only one in this case) who are happy to perform said duties (purely to vent their creative outlets) and indulge in other related activites!!

I am sure my wife would agree with this. I guess Il find out soon one way or another! But since I think she agrees with this, there’s no point in her really finding out about this is there?


4 thoughts on “Arranged Marriages

  1. Nathan (i hope you dont me using the short form),

    There is an old indian saying – “he who has just started begging, doesnt know when to take a break” :D. I think that pretty much sums up my situation. its happened before… when i got my first email account (about 12 years ago) – i just couldnt stop sending every joke i received to everyone on of my friends,
    when i first made my website, i had to braindump everything i had onto it, not to mention, using tacky colour schemes and frames and what not,
    and its happening now with my blog (or bog?) … my only hope is that it doesnt end up reflecting the murkiness and the horror that is my brain!

    Cheers (and thanks for your comment).

    PS: I am sure there is a better way to “reply” to your comment (would be grateful to know about it).

  2. It’s funny how closely “begging” sounds like “blogging” though – perhaps the ancient philosophers thought of blogging but the word didn’t make sense at the time … so they changed it to begging.

    Now it’s all makes sense – they were prophesying of the end of society, the invasion of the intarnet, the consumption of free time … and I see you’ve made a 5th post πŸ™‚

  3. Mate, you have no idea that I was just about post that. Good to see we are on the same page here. I hope my bogs dont end up getting me broke or on the streets πŸ˜€

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